A smart and beautiful way to remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends around the world – straight from a mobile phone.

Whether it’s for dinner dates or homemade meals, Burpple connects people to unique and local food experiences in more than 3,300 cities and 115 countries. With a world-class product experience and a growing community of users, Burpple is a fun, easy place for people to share photos, opinions and experiences of food right from your fingertips and showcase them to the world.

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Private sale community focused on Asia Pacific luxury and boutique hotels for the impulsive flyer.

Cofounded by Steven Gong (CEO) and Andy Croll (CTO).

ImpulseFlyer joins Neoteny Labs family – Neoteny Labs, blog

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Lumatic provides landmark and photo driven navigation software for mobile devices.

Lumatic makes the mobile experience more human, starting with location. Six of the seven billion people on the planet have never used a streetmap. Now that a billion people have smartphones, either Google is going to teach a whole lot of people to read maps or a new UI will be introduced. Lumatic is that new UI. Lumatic is introducing a photo-driven interface for pedestrian navigation and offering the underlying location service to other mobile developers.

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A high quality, low cost 3D printer that works out of the box.

Formlabs is developing a high quality, low cost 3D printer that works out of the box. It enables designers and makers to create 3D forms by simply hitting the print button. Formlabs products fuses a novel additive manufacturing technology with a unique design-centric approach to achieve an incredible user experience yet to be seen in 3D printing.

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littleBits logo

A growing library of pre-assembled circuits that snap together with tiny magnets.

All logic and circuitry is pre-engineered, so you can play with electronics without knowing electronics. Tiny magnets act as connectors and enforce polarity, so you can’t put things in the wrong way. And all the schematics will be shared under an opensource license so you can download, upload, suggest new bits and hopefully see them come to life.

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Something consumer-facing, something social.

Building cutting-edge Web and mobile software using Ruby on Rails, jQuery Mobile, and Backbone.js

“Everything We Know About Caterina Fake’s New Startup, 2kbco” – The Atlantic

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SeatMe logo

A restaurant technology startup.

Based in San Francisco, SeatMe is a venture-backed technology startup working to revolutionize the restaurant industry with an innovative suite of software solutions.

Lanyrd logo

The social conference directory.

Lanyrd is a directory of conferences, events and speakers. Visitors can sign in with Twitter to see events their friends are attending or speaking at, submit new events, add talks that they have given and build up their speaker profile.

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Airtime logo

The new stealth project by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker.

It is believed to be in the video chatting space. Originally codenamed Supyo, it will launch as Airtime.


Write a game once, deploy it everywhere.

Game Closure offers an HTML5-based multiplayer game development kit.

Game Closure, which is essentially the gaming version of Heroku and Appcelerator, allows game developers to write a game in pure JavaScript and use standard HTML5 APIs. The startup’s SDK then compiles, deploys, and accelerates the game. No plug-ins are required, just a Web browser, and any old browser will do. When your game runs on non-browser platforms like mobile devices and tablets, the SDK creates an actual native app using APIs like OpenGL. Like their competitors, Game Closure offers developers everything they need to build, host, and deploy their games at warp speed.

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Really simple online faxing.

Description to be added soon.


Google Docs syncing done right.

If Google Docs and Dropbox had a love child, Insync would be it.


Delivering ground-breaking games.

Animoca is a cross-platform app publisher of entertainment products for smartphones and social media networks. Thanks to its ability to publish and promote products in multiple languages, Animoca is expanding operations and market share around the world. The company has published several popular titles for iOS, including the smash hit Pretty Pet Salon and the Baby Cortex line of award-winning edutainment products.

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Capture everything, remember more. creates mobile and web-based applications that make it simple to capture, organize and retrieve the ideas, experiences and data that are important to you. Your information is always accessible and always current, whether you use a mobile smartphone, a tablet or the web, because Catch lives in the cloud. Numerous leading smartphone applications use the Catch open API and Android Intents available for third-party developers. Based in San Francisco, Catch has become one of the leading developers in the Android Market with over 7 million monthly active users and over 50 million monthly page views.

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The intelligent ad-buying platform.

The ADZ demand-side platform enables brands and agencies to locate and reach Asian audiences in real time, making interactive ad-buying simple.

The philosophy behind ADZ is to apply intelligence to simplify interactive ad-buying. The platform reflects this and helps seamlessly bridge the gap between marketeer and audience.

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Localizing the web through realtime ambient data streams.

Chalkboard is a hyper-local mobile ad network that helps retailers increase walk-in traffic by targeting nearby consumers.

Chumby Industries

Bringing the internet experience to consumer electronics.

chumby industries, based in San Diego, is a software company that works with consumer electronics OEMs to bring a rich and personalized Internet experience to a multitude of connected products, ranging from devices as simple as clock radios to high-definition televisions. The open chumby platform enables developers to easily create Flash content for chumby-powered devices resulting in a constantly growing catalog of more than 1,500 applications in 30 different categories.

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Foound is a mobile application currently available on the iPhone and iPod Touch which lets people organize hangouts with friends.


CreationMix is a platform that serves to connect creative people with customers who want to buy their content.


Game Ventures makes and markets the world’s finest competitive multiplayer social games.