James Chan

Principal, Neoteny Labs

ImpulseFlyer joins Neoteny Labs family

ImpulseFlyer is a luxury and boutique hotel-specific private sale platform with Asia Pacific inventory that is co-founded by Steven Gong (CEO) and Andy Croll (CTO).

I am happy to announce that we led an investment in ImpulseFlyer, and would like to welcome them to the Neoteny Labs family.

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ViKi and Animoca raises next-round funding

Congratulations to the teams at two of our portfolio companies, ViKi and Animoca, for raising their next round of funding.

On 20 Oct, ViKi announced that it had raised US$20 million from strategic partners SK Planet, BBC Worldwide and existing investors, Neoteny included. To date, the company has raised a total of US$24.3 million. Joi blogged about our investment in ViKi almost a year ago and have been actively involved on its board since. All of us chipped in, but in the end, the ultimate kudos goes to Razmig and his team for growing the international video site to more than 10 million viewers and translators, with shows translated into more than 150 languages; can’t wait to see how much further ViKi can go with the new content they have licensed from BBC Worldwide, NBC Universal, A+E Networks International, HISTORY and BIO.

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How Singapore can become the 3rd Silicon Valley of the World

Earlier this month, Eyal Gura, founder and CEO of PicApp gave a talk titled “What do they put into the water, and how can Singapore become the world’s 3rd Silicon Valley” on 12 Dec 2009 at Neoteny Singapore Camp 1.

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Innovation in Open Networks

Joi gave a talk at TEDxDubai 2009 on Innovation in Open Networks. In his 30-minute presentation, he talks about venture capital, open networks, Creative Commons, Agile, virality and the startup ecosystem. An important point he made was that the success of any startup ecosystem would not be dependent on one brand name or one person, but a bunch of things that has to happen at about the same time.

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Product, Process & Software Agility

Panel discussion on 12 Dec 2009 at the Neoteny Singapore Camp 1. The panel was moderated by Joichi Ito, and with Ian McFarland (CTO, Pivotal Labs), Elisabeth Hendrikson (Founder, QualityTree), Diego Rodriguez (Partner, IDEO) and Jay Dvivedi (CIO, Shinsei Bank).

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Neoteny Labs selected for NRF TIS

SINGAPORE, 31 DEC 2009 – Neoteny Labs is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of seven technology incubators to participate in the S$50 million National Research Foundation (NRF) Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS).

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Starting up Startups

A panel discussion at the Neoteny Singapore Camp 1, moderated by Joi Ito (CEO, Creative Commons).

With Rob Mee (CEO, Pivotal Labs), Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang (Head Engineering, Chumby Industries), Sean Bonner (Founder, Bode Media) and Samir Patel (Cofounder, SearchForce).

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Hello world!

In case you’re wondering, not everything on our site is completely in place. Do pardon us for our lack of hospitality and slow progress as we may be caught neck-deep in setting up Neoteny Labs and the fund, as we zip past X’mas and hurtle head-first towards the New Year.

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