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Path is a mobile photo and video sharing iPhone app and website co-founded by Dave Morin and Shawn Fanning.

Both Dave and Shawn are close friends of mine and I had the opportunity to visit them very early in their development of Path. It was fascinating listening in on some of the early product discussions where they were talking about the relationship between the art of game design, the importance of utility, the UI and other elements that would make up the perfect application.

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ViKi wins Crunchie for Best International Startup

4th Annual Crunchie Awards

Photo by : Richard MorgensteinLicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Congrats team!


For years, I’d been fascinated with the fan-subbing community – the community of fans who subtitle shows from other countries into their local languages. After meeting many fan-subbers and talking to my sister who is a leading academic studying this community, I was convinced that while they were targeted by many media companies as “pirates” they were in fact “fans” and the bedrock for distribution and marketing for cultures across borders. I tried several times to try to bridge the gap between the media companies and the fan-subbers, but without a neutral intermediary, the traction never occurred and these communities continued to be at odds.

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Game Ventures

One of the first companies we heard about when we started investigating the startup landscape in Singapore was Game Ventures. The CEO, Zaki, was rumored to be an extremely efficient and resourceful entrepreneur running a lean and agile team of engineers in Karachi with their headquarters in Singapore and an office in Turkey.

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New site and update

Hi everyone. Sorry about the long silence from Neoteny Labs. We’ve been busy closing the fund and getting organized. Thanks to Andy for helping with the new site design. We’re now officially “live”.

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