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Hi everyone. Sorry about the long silence from Neoteny Labs. We’ve been busy closing the fund and getting organized. Thanks to Andy for helping with the new site design. We’re now officially “live”.

Although we still haven’t found the perfect office yet, we are mostly operational now. We’re actively looking for a cool space in Singapore so let us know if you know of anything cheap, cool and near Arab Street. James is in Singapore holding down the fort as the investment manager and Sean is running around the world supporting the mentoring and organizing meetings and conferences.

We completed the initial fund raising close on May 28, 2010 at US$5,000,000.

Our investors include Omidyar Network, Digital Garage, Netprice, Outblaze, Emitac, Fred Wilson, Brad Burnham, Toivo Annus, Michael Levinthal, Owen Van Natta, Jeff Jonas, Mohamed Nanabhay, Dhananjaya Dvivedi, Balall Yaqub, Jayesh Parekh, Mamoru Taniya, Oki Matsumoto, Teruhide Sato and Jun Makihara.

We’ve completed 5 investments so far:, CreationMix, Foound, Game Ventures and one more that we can’t talk about yet.

I’m in Singapore every month or so as I circumnavigate the world every month stopping in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Dubai and Singapore plus whatever other city makes sense that month. I’m splitting my time between Creative Commons, looking for new opportunities and supporting the network of companies in my portfolio.

I’m really happy with the quality of entrepreneurs and companies that we’ve found so far, but we’re still actively looking for more early stage consumer Internet companies in Asia and the Middle East, which is our focus. Special bonus points if they are in Singapore or willing to relocate to Singapore. ;-)

We’re all in Singapore right now for SingTel’s Accelerate 2010 which we helped organized with many of our companies and partners. Next week the Neoteny Labs team will be in Tokyo for Digital Garage’s New Context Conference 2010. The week after that I’ll be back in Singapore for Techventure 2010.

I look forward to catching up with you at one of these events!

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  1. I think it was exactly a year ago that the dream of Neoteny Labs was forming around big conference tables in Singapore. Congrats, guys!

    Tara Tiger BrownSeptember 23rd, 2010 at 4:27 am

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