Hello world!

In case you’re wondering, not everything on our site is completely in place. Do pardon us for our lack of hospitality and slow progress as we may be caught neck-deep in setting up Neoteny Labs and the fund, as we zip past X’mas and hurtle head-first towards the New Year.

I’ll be posting some videos from the first Neoteny Singapore Camp soon – do stay tuned for those. We had a blast over Dec 12 and 13 earlier this month, and were joined by diverse crowds from across Europe, Asia, Middle East and of course Singapore and its neighboring Asia Pacific countries. The level of exchange and discussion was extremely high, and encouraging for what is to come.

Some of you may ask us, “why Singapore?”. With its multi-lingual, multi-cultural society and pro-talent and pro-business government policies, we believe Singapore is perfectly positioned to enable us to build an innovation ecosystem that can trigger a critical mass of investors and entrepreneurs focusing on Singapore as a leading entrepreneur hub of Asia.

Oh and before I go; on behalf of Neoteny Labs, I’d like to welcome our esteemed mentors and advisors onboard – John Seely Brown, Jun Murai, Tim O’Reilly, Shawn Fanning, Cory Ondrejka, Dave Morin, Lawrence Lessig, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Reid Hoffman. We look forward to working with you on some really cool startups in the year ahead.

Have a good one.

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